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Dallas (May 15, 2023) Her name is “Lulu Belle.”    She began life as an Army L-4B and was assigned to Camp Butner in North Carolina helping to train artillery spotters for the European invasion.   The Cub was completed just before Christmas in 1942.  The price…   $2,130. After the War, it was converted to a J-3.

The Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc. is offering this historic Cub as the Grand Prize in their summer 2023 fund-raiser.  This Cub can be YOURS.   Tickets are available on the HAPS website at .

The plane is in current annual inspection, has 325 hours SMOH on a 75 hp Continental engine, and a Garmin GTR-200 Comm / Intercom.  It is ready to fly home.

NOT A PILOT???   No problem.    The Piper Cub is a great airplane to learn to fly.   Thousands of WWII and post-war pilots learned to fly in the Cub.    Or you can choose the cash option and take home a check for $25,000.

All proceeds are used to benefit the preservation and restoration of historic aircraft.   For too long vintage aircraft have been pushed to the side and left to rot and decay.   The Historic Aircraft Preservation Society is dedicated to preserving and restoring these aircraft.  Our current project is the restoration of a rare 1931 Fleet Model 8 biplane.   It was once owned by a famous WWII bomber pilot, Fred J. McConnell.  The Air Force named their Wichita airfield McConnell Air Force Base in his honor.

No purchase is necessary to enter the sweepstakes.   For more information go to .

About the Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc.

Vintage and historical aircraft are being left to decay and rot in increasing numbers. They have been pushed out into the weeds and discarded like unwanted trash. Without effort, these historic planes will be lost forever. The Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Inc. (HAPS) is a Dallas-based, non-profit founded in 2016.   HAPS is dedicated to preserving, restoring, flying, and displaying America’s aviation icons from the 1930s to the 1950s. They are working to restore the planes and tell the stories to future generations of aviators who pushed the boundaries of the sky. HAPS is located in Hangar   Three on the Eagles Nest Airport, about 20 miles south of downtown Dallas. The group depends on donations to preserve these aircraft and tell their stories. For more information, please visit .  

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