REC Watches is an independent watch brand based in Denmark. A dedicated team of watch connoisseurs, petrolheads and history buffs, we are brought together by our shared obsession. A venturous pursuit to breathe new life into iconic vehicles by condensing their rich, storied narrative into each of our bespoke timepieces.

Their watches serve as true conversation pieces – a tribute to the legacy of the donor machine, telling its tales through every intricate detail and design element. REC Watches combine our respective passions into one collective mission: To salvage original stories of iconic vehicles and recycle them into unique timepieces, that then serve as the canvas to perpetuate and carry with it, the rich legacy of the donor machine. The brand is a fusion of timeless quality, ingenious creativity, and riveting storytelling.

REC Watches has created a timepiece incorporating skin from combat-veteran Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia X4009 which Australian ace Flt Lt ‘Pat’ Hughes flew during the Battle of Britain. A portion of the sale of each watch will contribute to the restoration of Spitfire X4009 to flying condition for the Hunter Fighter Collection. Click HERE for our article.

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