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As announced in this article, author Bruce Gamble launched his own YouTube Channel called Skywarrior Media. Skywarrior Media is Bruce Gamble’s digital studio, combining his historical expertise with a huge array of photographs and archival footage to create accurate and authentic video presentations. His first production is titled Ride Along: A Flight in an A-3 Skywarrior, which incorporates video footage that Bruce recorded in the venerable naval attack aircraft almost 40 years ago.

Taken around the beginning of October 1943, this photo shows a very tired and war weary Black Sheep squadron in the Russell Island group. They have just lost one fellow pilot, while four others are MIA or recovering from wounds in hospital. Back Row, from left: John Begert, Bob Bragdon, Don Fisher, Bruce Matheson, Jim Hill, and George Ashmun. Third Row, from left: Chris Magee, Don Moore, Hank Bourgeois, Burney Tucker, Warren Emrich, and John Bolt. Second Row, from left: Paul Mullen, Bill Heier, Virgil Ray, Ed Harper, Bob McClurg, and Sandy Sims. Front row, from left: Bill Case, Frank Walton, Stan Bailey, Greg Boyington, Jim Reames (the flight surgeon), and Ed Olander. Photo: Frank Walton Collection, Colourization by We, the People Restoration and Colorization

Gamble announced a new and exciting series of episodes about the famed Black Sheep Squadron (VMF-214). Gamble published his first book, The Black Sheep, in 1998, a highly readable account that serves to both correct and extend the record of the VMF-241 and its renowned squadron leader Greg “Pappy” Boyington. With a total of four titles now in print, Bruce is recognized as one of the top authors on the air war in the Pacific.

Black Sheep Chronicles will consist of 9 episodes created by author and historian Bruce Gamble. Featuring hundreds of archival photographs and rare film clips, this all-new documentary will provide viewers with an unrivaled glimpse into the experiences of America’s most famous fighter squadron.

Ep. 1 Wildcat Days

Ep. 2 Swashbucklers

Ep. 3 Boyington’s Bastards

Ep. 4 Slugfest

Ep. 5 The Franklin Disaster

Ep. 6 Will the Real Pappy Boyington Please Stand Up

Ep. 7 College Boys and Yamheads

Ep. 8 Thunder and Lightning: The Planes of VMF-214

Ep. 9 The Black Sheep go to Hollywood

The target date for Episode 1, Wildcat Days: September 2023.

Bruce’s goal is to use his new YouTube channel as a platform to both share his stories as a naval aviator and also his work as a naval aviation historian. In particular, viewers will be able to enjoy an inside view of his work about the war in the Pacific, especially the ‘Blacksheep’ of VMF-214 and its notorious leader, Gregory ‘Pappy’ Boyington. Visit his channel (HERE) and make sure to “follow” what is sure to be a fascinating ride!

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