Germany’s Hangar 10 Changes Hands

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By James Kightly

A pre-eminent European warbird collection, Hangar 10 in Germany, is entering new ownership after the tragic loss of founder Volker Schülke, in an aviation accident. While the collection has been understandably quiet since his death in 2020, his widow Arite Schülke looked to the collection being taken on as a going, complete concern, rather than being broken up.

Swiss-based Brokers Boschung Global arranged the sale of the collection, and base facility, to  Munich entrepreneur Karl F. Grimminger, who is already the owner of Luftraum Süd, where he has an impressive collection of aircraft, some of which are on display in his new hangar in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg. The significant expansion of his collection by the acquisition of Hangar 10  was covered by Grimminger, saying: “It is very important to me to keep the German collection together as a whole…” and he foresees positive benefits to come from operating both collections at the two locations.

Messerschmitt Bf 109G D-FMGS. [photo by Nigel Hitchman]

Hangar 10 will remain at the current location, on the island of Usedom, Pomerania, although Grimminger is considering changing the name to Air Traum Nord. In his view, positive benefits can be expected between the collection in Usedom and his existing museum in Aalen, both of which are now open to the public. Grimminger’s current collection has been noted to attend away events as well as flying ‘at home’.

The Hangar 10 collection includes (among other aircraft, wrecks, and vehicles) a remarkable variety of 1930s and W.W.II single-engine types, including Bückers Bu 131 Jungmann D-EJTR and Bu 133 Jungmeister D-EPAX, Fieseler Fi 156 D2 Storch, D-EVAS, Messerschmitt Bf 108 D-ERTT ‘D-IMTT’, Polikarpov Po 2, D-EPOO and fighters Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 D-FMGS and Bf 109 G-14 D-FMGV, as well as Flug Werk FW 190 A-8/N, D-FWAA. Not included in the sale is the two-seat Buchón conversion, Messerschmitt Bf 109G-12 D-FMGZ owned by the EADS Messerschmitt Stiftung (EADS Messerschmitt Foundation) since 2019.

The rare two-seat, RR Merlin powered ‘109’ was sold to the Messerschmitt Stiftung, but continued operation with Hangar 10. [Photo by Nigel Hitchman]

Arite Schülke said: “Hangar 10 is a project that is close to my heart. It has played a very important role for me and in the life of my entire family for many years. “ She went on: “For me, however, it is now time to end this chapter in order to break new ground after my husband Volker Schülke’s accident.

Two of the (then) Hangar 10 Messerschmitt Bf 109s at the 2018 flying day. [photo by Nigel Hitchman]

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